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We improve download end-user experience...

metaInstaller runs and facilitates the download of user-friendly software in Windows installerspersonal.


...and help developers earn money

We power recommended applications during the installation that significantly improve the user experience and help monetize the download.

Partners with the best developers

metaInstaller delivers millions of geolocated recommendations monthly. Our moderate network guarantees quality and safe content.

Why metaInstaller?

We provide the best download experience with our optional apps. We make sure the software in the network and experience of recommendation retain the highest level of quality and user experience.

Through metaInstaller you can provide users with a download process easy and smooth. There is no hidden software bundling. Every recommendation is clear to users and deliver software just when chosen and accepted.

Therefore, software developers and content download sites can improve their end-user experience and generate significant revenue. In this way, we can generate the profits necessary to encourage to create, offer and provide high-quality software to users free of charge.


"metaInstaller has helped my business tremendously. My business has trippled in size and my income is more than 6x what it was before."mp3.es

"They definitely set a high standard for our expectations from programmers."