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Who are us

metaInstaller is a moderate network of distribution and monetization for software developers and content download sites. In this way, we can generate the profits necessary to encourage to create, offer and provide high-quality software to users free of charge.


"One of the best companies with whom I have worked, since its seriousness, attention, quality and responsibility are extraordinary."eazel.com

Improving the download end-user experience and developers revenue

We help developers and content download websites distribute, market and monetize software applications. We do so by the installation of optional apps offered within the download process.

metaInstaller recommendations or advertisements are used by trusted organizations. Our recommended apps are installed with the user’s consent and they are very easy to uninstall. It does not continually displays advertising, like adware often do through pop-up windows. Therefore, metaInstaller does not match any definitions of adware at all.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.