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Are you looking for new users and increasing your distribution? Advertise your software during the installation of other applications. We help you target the right audience by managing where recommendations are shown and under which circumstances.


"We were looking for a partner that understand the business. Since we launched the program with metaInstaller we have seen a significant increase of our income." emuleplus.com

What we provide

Through metaInstaller you can give users the option to download your applications within the same download process of another software. We localize and optimize recommendations for different regions so it’s easy to start reaching new users around the globe. Our platform continually tests and selects the best designs and messages for each user segment to maximize your take rates and success metrics.

Rather than paying for impressions, clicks or downloads, you set the price you’re willing to pay per successful install of your software.

Your recommendation screens are always clearly messaged so you acquire only informed, valuable and happy users of your product. Our highly curated network ensures new users discover your products through other well-known, trusted names.