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Are you a developer who need a download interface for their apps? Or a webmaster who runs software download sites? metaInstaller will run and facilitate the download of applications and other optional ones within the same process to improve your users experience and make you earn real cash.


"We were looking for a partner that understand the business. Since we launched the program with metaInstaller we have seen a significant increase of our income."emuleplus.com

Keep users happy while you earn money

Content download sites and software developes often face a hard way to monetize their work. With us, you can distribute your solutions and make extra earnings.

Your users will always have full control over their installation experience. They can easily change our recommendations or leave the network at any time. We also do not allow any virus, spyware, malware or pirate software in our network.

And you will generate significant revenue by joining us. Our geo-targeted network runs over mostly all countries and 14 languages to help you to maximize your earnings. You will also stay in control with our performance dashboard about daily usage, active users, revenue, etc.

Just contact us any time and our dedicated developer support team will help you every step of the way.