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Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

Metainstaller LLC, herein referred to as “the Company”, business address at 501 Silverside Road, Suite 105, Wilmington - Delaware 19809 (USA), is a registered trademark and describes below the terms of service of Metainstaller:

Through Metainstaller, the Company offers a service consisting of, among other things, the following value added features for the download of third party programs:

  • Facilitation of the download.
  • Download of toolbars and other applications of interest to the user.
  • User support.

Metainstaller is a standalone application that manages the download and installation of software chosen by the user, together with various optional offers.

The main application selected for download and/or installation will be downloaded to the user’s Desktop. Installation will start automatically.

Any optional offers selected will also be installed automatically.

The main application instraller file will remain on the User’s Desktop once the installation process has finished, and can be safely removed by the user.

Metainstaller does not have any relationship with the author of third party programs downloaded and installed via Metainstaller.

All downloads will be managed by Metainstaller, which acts as a download manager.


In order to receive the service, Metainstaller has to be run by the user. The user can opt to change their home page at any time.


The Company does not grant any guarantee nor assume liability for the third party programs that the user downloads, including toolbars that have also been developed by third parties. It is up to the user to make a decision beforehand about the suitability of the program or toolbar that he/she would like to download and install, as well as its compliance with the corresponding license conditions which, in this case, he/she may be subject to.


This clause contains the Privacy Policy that regulates important matters relating to the privacy of the users of this website and the Metainstaller application.

4.1. Data collection Data: The firm will collect and process the following data:

  • name, email and any other information that the user sends through the contact form at www.Metainstaller.com having checked off the authorization boxes in question.
  • any other data that the company can acquire automatically with regard to the technical specifications of the user’s computer: operating system version and language, internet browser version, the CPU type, internet connection, IP address, cookies activation, Java activation and screen resolution. Such data will be herein referred to as the "Data".

The user clearly states and guarantees that he/she will not provide to the firm Personal Data related to third parties, even with his/her consent, and he/she declares to be legally liable to the Company for any consequences that can result from doing so.

4.2. Purpose of data collection The Company will process the Data to carry out the maintenance, development and control of this website and the services it offers, and in turn to respond to any incident that the users notify it about with respect to the said services

When users authorizes it by selecting the boxes on the contact form from www.Metainstaller.com, the Company also reserves the right to handle, directly or through third parties, then Data in countries outside of the European Union , regardless of the fact that the level of data protection offered in its legislation does not concur with the levels of protection under Spanish Laws.

This authorization can be revoked at any time by contacting the Company.
The Data will not be used for purposes other than those indicated in this Privacy Policy nor will they be supplied to third parties without the consent of the user.


4.3. Use of cookies This website uses cookies so that the Company can provide a better service to the user. The user can configure his/her internet explorer so that it confirms the receipt of cookies, giving the user the opportunity to decide if he/she accepts them or not.


4.4. Access, correction, cancelation and objection (f) The user can exercise his/her access, correct and objection rights recognized in Spanish Law with regard to the Protection of Personal Data relating to the Data.

To do so, the user can: get in contact with the Company sending a message to support@metainstaller.com, or he/she can send an inquiry by means of the contact form or by any other manner that the Company has provided at that time.

The user can also exercise his/her rights by sending an inquiry or request by means of the Trusted Download Program of TRUSTe that he/she can find at https://tdp-feedback.truste.com/home.

This Privacy Policy only pertains to the Metainstaller application. The Company does not assume liability for the Privacy Policies of the third party products linked through Metainstaller or the data processing that can be carried out by its respective representatives.

The Company can revise and change the terms of this service at any time by updating this page. The Terms and Conditions of the service received applicable to the user will be those published at the time of the service’s use.
Metainstaller is protected by the intellectual and commercial rights of the Company and/or third parties. The users will not alter, delete, bypass or manipulate the data protection or the security systems relating to Metainstaller.

Metainstaller LLC business address at 501 Silverside Road, Suite 105, Wilmington - Delaware 19809 (USA).

In the event of claims or inquiries, the users can contact the Company by means of the form available on the web page or by sending a message to: support@metainstaller.com.